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    Welding throttle valve for cold storage

    The throttle valve is a valve that controls the flow of a fluid by changing a throttle section or a throttle length. The shape of the throttle valve is the same as that of the shut-off valve, except that the shape of the opening and closing parts is different. The opening and closing members of the throttle valve are mostly conical streamline type, and the flow passage and pressure are adjusted by changing the cross-sectional area of the passage. The throttle valve can reduce the medium pressure in the event of a large pressure drop.

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  • Throttle Valve

    The REG-SA and REG-SB are angle and straight-through manual regulators that act as normal shut-off valves in the closed position. Valves are available in two different versions, REG-SA and REG-SB. REG-SA is mainly used for expansion/throttle lines (type A spool); REG-SB is mainly used for flow regulation of liquid lines (type B valves) core). The valve meets the stringent quality requirements for refrigeration installations specified by the International Classification Association and provides good flow and linear adjustment. REG-SA and REG-SB are equipped with square hole bonnets and have a back seal function to replace the stuffing box of the valve stem during system operation (in the presence of pressure).

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