pressure switch controllers

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    Marine pressure controller switch YWK-50-C

    YWK-50-C, marine pressure controller uses bellows type sensor. Can be used for gaseous and liquid media such as gas and steam. The setting value of the controller is adjustable, and the adjusting range is -0.1 ... 4 Mpa. YWK-50-C type: It adopts cast aluminum casing, which is waterproof type.

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  • Pressure Controller

    Pressure Controller for Refrigeration Compressor: 1. Pressure controller is an electric switch that can make the circuit close or open following the change of pressure.It can be used to control pressure gas,steam or liquid by two position type to support performance structure in ship and freeze equipment or other industrial equipment. 2. Pressure controller is used to protect refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment from breathing pressure higher or exhausting lower in system of refrigeration compressor. 3. High quality and long-life service.

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