piston compressor parts

  • Bearing Shell

    1. The bearing shell is very different from the production year and brand of the piston compressor. It is divided into one hole, two holes and no hole. 2. The bearing shell is the part of the sliding bearing and the shaft neck contact. The shape is a tile-shaped semi-cylindrical surface. It is very smooth. It is generally made of wear-resistant materials such as bronze and friction reducing alloy. In special cases, wood, engineering plastic or rubber can be used. production. There are two types of bearing shells: integral and split. The integral bearing shell is usually called the bushing. The integral bearing shell has two types of oil grooves and oil grooves. The bearing shell and the shaft neck adopt a clearance fit, and generally do not rotate with the shaft.

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  • Connecting Rod For Refrigeration Compressor Parts

    The role of the piston rod: 1. The piston and the crankshaft are connected, and the force exerted by the piston is transmitted to the crankshaft, and the reciprocating motion of the piston is converted into the rotational motion of the crankshaft.The connecting rod body has three parts, the part connected with the piston pin is called the connecting rod small head; the part connected with the crankshaft is called the big connecting rod, and the connecting part of the big head and the small head is called the connecting rod shaft. 2. The connecting rod is divided into high pressure and low pressure, the high voltage of the bipolar piston machine and the low pressure of the low level piston machine.

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    Piston For Piston Compressor Parts

    Pistons are versatile, regardless of the machine manufacturer. 1. Piston Set: The piston set is a general term for pistons, piston pins and piston rings. The piston group is driven by the connecting rod to make a reciprocating linear motion in the cylinder, thereby forming a variable working volume together with the cylinder to realize the processes of suction, compression and exhaust. 2. Model: 100, 125, 170. 3. Used medium: Ammonia. 4. Use range: Piston compressor unit.

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