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    refrigeration system regulation CWK-11 differential pressure controller

    1. CWK-11 bellows differential pressure controller is a protection device for ammonia pump or other machinery in refrigeration system. It guarantees the minimum pressure head that the ammonia pump must have in its normal operation. If the ammonia pump head is too low, the flow rate is insufficient, and the liquid shortage operation will damage the ammonia pump and affect the cooling. 2. CWK-11 controls the true head of the ammonia pump, independent of the absolute value of the inlet pressure and outlet pressure. When the pressure difference between the two ends is that the ammonia pump head does not reach the required set value, CWK Type -11 is the automatic delay of the on-delay relay. When the pressure rises during the delay, the switch contacts can jump back, the delay is stopped, and the ammonia pump continues to work normally. For example, until the end of the delay, the pressure still cannot make the switch touch. The head jumps back, that is, the pump is automatically stopped. 3. The CWK-11 type does not have a delay mechanism itself, and an external delay relay is required. The bellows and air box are made of stainless steel, which can be used not only for ammonia pumps but also for other liquid pumps.

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