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    Canned electric pump / ammonia pump 50P / 40P-40

    The shielding sleeve of the shielded electric pump, that is, the stator shielding sleeve and the rotor shielding sleeve, is used to prevent the transmission medium from infiltrating the stator winding and the rotor core. However, due to the presence of the shielding sleeve, the gap between the stator and the rotor of the motor is increased, resulting in Eddy current is generated in the shielding sleeve, which causes the performance of the motor to decrease and the power loss to increase. In order to reduce the power loss, the inner diameter of the stator of the shielded motor is usually small, and the wall thickness of the shield sleeve is as thin as possible. The shield sleeve material is made of non-magnetic material. Therefore, the shielded motor is usually a slender structure. The shield sleeve materials are mostly 304, 304L, 316. 316L stainless steel. Although Hastelloy C and titanium materials have small eddy current losses, they are costly, so they are rarely used. The thickness of the shielding sleeve is generally 0.2 to 1 mm.

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  • Ammonia Pump

    The shielding pump is a coaxial combination of a shielded motor and a centrifugal pump. It is a completely leak-free sealing device that does not require any mechanical seal packing. The medium to be transported is guaranteed to be leak-free. This product fundamentally solves the environmental damage caused by highly toxic liquid leakage and explosive liquids.

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  • Ammonia pump control box

    1. The ammonia pump control box is a centralized control box for the automatic control components of the cold storage ammonia pump circuit. The ammonia pump control box cooperates with the self-control components such as the liquid level meter, the electromagnetic valve and the differential pressure relay, and can automatically supply the ammonia liquid to the ammonia storage tank, which can automatically ensure the normal start and operation of the ammonia pump. The ammonia pump control box automatically alarms the dangerous operating conditions of the ammonia pump and compressor. 2. The ammonia pump control box is simple in structure, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain. It is suitable for automatic control of cold storage.

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