Semi-closed chemical protective suit

  • Semi-closed Chemical Protective Suit

    Fully enclosed built-in protective clothing use: 1. First wear the air breathing apparatus according to the instructions of the positive pressure fire air breathing apparatus. 2. Pull the chemical protective suit sealing zipper out, first into the right foot, then into the left foot, pull the chemical protective suit to the waist, and then cover the airbag with the airbag. 3. Breathe a few times, make sure that your breath and everything else are normal, put on your two sleeves, wear a large window hood, and pull the sealed zipper. 4. After the operation is completed, take off the chemical protective suit and remove the air breathing apparatus in the safety zone. The operation sequence is: a. Open the sealed zipper, take off the large window hood and take off the two sleeves. b. Remove the full face cover and close the cylinder switch. c. Take off the chemical protective suit and remove the air respirator.

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