Cold Storage Installation Accessories

  • Flanged Check Valve

    Flanged Check Valve

    1. Structure of Flanged Check Valve: check.
    2. Material of Flanged Check Valve: steel.

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  • Throttle Valve

    Throttle Valve

    The REG-SA and REG-SB are angle and straight-through manual regulators that act as normal shut-off valves in the closed position. Valves are available in two different versions, REG-SA and REG-SB. REG-SA is mainly used for expansion/throttle lines (type A spool); REG-SB is mainly used for flow regulation of liquid lines (type B valves) core). The valve meets the stringent quality requirements for refrigeration installations specified by the International Classification Association and provides good flow and linear adjustment. REG-SA and REG-SB are equipped with square hole bonnets and have a back seal function to replace the stuffing box of the valve stem during system operation (in the presence of pressure).

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  • Air Curtain

    Air Curtain

    1. High wind speed.
    2. Large amount of wind.
    3. Silent centrifugal vortex.
    4. High and low files.

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  • Bypass valve

    Bypass valve

    1. This bypass valve is suitable for R717, R12, R22 and other refrigerants. It is commonly used in the ammonia pump outlet pipe. When the cooling interval is reduced, the excess ammonia is bypassed, so that the warehouse can It cools normally and can protect the ammonia pump. In addition, it can also be used as a decompression bypass in the intercooler and cold storage evaporator frosting circuits.
    2. This is an automatic bypass valve with a diameter of 32 mm and an adjustable pressure difference of 1.8-3.2 bar for low-pressure bypass. The set pressure is achieved by changing the stroke of the ram. If the spring is replaced, it can also be used as an automatic bypass valve for medium or high pressure.

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  • Ammonia pump control box

    Ammonia pump control box

    1. The ammonia pump control box is a centralized control box for the automatic control components of the cold storage ammonia pump circuit. The ammonia pump control box cooperates with the self-control components such as the liquid level meter, the electromagnetic valve and the differential pressure relay, and can automatically supply the ammonia liquid to the ammonia storage tank, which can automatically ensure the normal start and operation of the ammonia pump. The ammonia pump control box automatically alarms the dangerous operating conditions of the ammonia pump and compressor.
    2. The ammonia pump control box is simple in structure, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain. It is suitable for automatic control of cold storage.

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  • Electromagnetic Solenoid Pulse Valve

    Electromagnetic Solenoid Pulse Valve

    1. Electromagnetic valve applies to ammonia, freon and other refrigerants for working fluid refrigeration systems.
    2. Solenoid valve is high strength, good toughness and corrosion resistance. The structure of solenoid valve coil consists of a main valve and a pilot valve. The main valve of electromagnetic valve is rubber sealed.
    3. The electromagnetic valve is made of ductile iron.
    4. Each electromagnetic valve will be checked twice before packing to insure 100% qualified. We are on the way of getting better all the time!

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  • Fully Open Safety Valve

    Fully Open Safety Valve

    Fully open safety valve:
    1. Heat treatment of high strength ductile iron
    2. Application: Mainly used for refrigeration compressors, condensers, evaporators, etc.
    3. High quality and long-life service.

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  • Ammonia pressure gauge valve

    Ammonia pressure gauge valve

    The pressure gauge valve is used to connect the pressure instrument and is generally used to connect the pressure gauge to DN4.

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