Ammonia Chemical Protection Products

  • Eye Washer

    Eye Washer

    Eye washer is a safety protection product. Eye washer and shower equipment is an emergency rescue facility used in toxic and dangerous working environment. When an accident occurs, the damage is minimized by the rapid spray/rinsing of the eye washer. limit.
    1. Has good oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt solution and other properties;
    2. The requirements for the use of composite high cleaning grades are used in laboratories such as laboratories, medical, chemical, cement plants, paint plants, etc.

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    Axial flow fan

    Axial flow fan

    Features of axial flow fan:
    1. Thickened steel fan blades: high hardness, not easy to deform and fall off, the impeller is strictly balanced and calibrated.
    2.Thick carbon steel shell: spraying process, stable body, fast speed is not afraid.
    3. Full copper motor: The movement is made of high temperature resistant copper wire to ensure stable operation of the motor.

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