What planning needs to be done before building a cold storage


1. Clear the purpose of cold storage

    Before building a cold storage, you must make clear the purpose of the cold storage. Is it used to store fresh fruits and vegetables or beef, mutton and fish? Does it need to be frozen at low temperature or refrigerated at room temperature? Should you add air conditioning equipment? Do you need to leave a pre-cooling room, quick-freezing room and so on. Only by clarifying these problems can we save unnecessary trouble and avoid functional waste in the later construction process.

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2. Estimate the size of the cold storage

    In addition, before the construction of the cold storage, its scale should be reasonably planned, so as to avoid waste problems in the later construction process. Imagine if you want to build a 10,000 cubic meter cold storage, but the area of the selected construction base is obviously not enough, it will directly lead to the future construction process cannot be carried out normally.

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3. Location of cold storage

    Site selection is also the key to the cold storage in the early stages of construction. Due to the different types of cold storage, the candidate site is also very critical during the construction. If it is a fruit and vegetable cold storage, it must be built in a large food market center. And if it is a special chemical explosion-proof cold storage, it must be far away from residential areas.

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4. Selection of cold storage construction enterprises

    A good cold storage construction company, in addition to helping users save unnecessary costs, can ensure the quality of cold storage construction, so that users can have stable practicality in the later use process, saving a lot of repair and maintenance costs

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