Twenty-four solar terms in China--Lixia


     Lixia is the seventh solar term in the twenty-four solar terms and the first solar term in summer. The Lixia Festival is held from May 05 to 07 on the Gregorian calendar every year. Lixia is an important solar term that marks the growth of everything into the peak season. After the beginning of summer, sunshine increased, gradually warmed up, thunderstorms increased, and the crops entered a stage of vigorous growth.

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     After the summer, the rainy season officially entered, and the rainfall and the number of rainy days increased significantly. Spring, long summer, autumn harvest, winter storage, summer is the best season for the vigorous growth of many crops, sufficient light and suitable temperature and abundant rain provide the plants with the required conditions. The monsoon climate is the main feature of China's climate. In summer, it is affected by the warm and humid airflow from the ocean. The high temperature, humidity and rain, and the same period of rain and heat are conducive to the growth of crops. Crops have entered a stage of vigorous growth in the summer.

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      "Qinling-Huaihe River" is the geographical and climatic boundary between north and south China. Qinling is a mountain related to the north-south climate in China. It is an important ecological barrier in China, which plays many functions such as regulating the climate, maintaining water and soil conservation, and maintaining biodiversity. In winter, Qinling prevents the cold wave from going south into the southern region; in summer, it blocks the humid sea breeze from entering the northern region. The Qinling and Huaihe river basins are the transitional areas between rainy in the south and arid in the north. From the vicinity of the Qinling and Huaihe rivers to the north, rainfall has decreased sharply.

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Lixia's customs

1. Summer Ceremony

In ancient times, people attached great importance to the etiquette of Lixia. On the day of Lixia, people in ancient times held a welcoming ceremony.

2. Taste new activities

Lixia also has festival activities such as tasting new ones. Sanxin is cherry, green plum, wheat, used to sacrifice ancestors. In Changshu, tasting new food is more abundant, there is a saying of "nine meat and thirteen vegetarians".

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3. Fighting eggs game

Fighting eggs is usually a game for children. Use cooked eggs, soak them in cold water, and then put them in a net bag made of colored silk or woolen yarns, and let the children hang around their necks. The rule of fighting eggs is "harder than the eggshell": everyone holds the egg, the tip is the head, and the circle is the tail. Yes, admit defeat, and then eat the eggs, and the last remaining unbreakable Xiaoqiang is regarded as the "Egg King."

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