Solenoid Valve for Refrigeration System


What are the functions of solenoid valve in refrigeration system?

     1. The solenoid valve is used in the refrigeration system to prevent the refrigerating fluid from the high-voltage part from entering the evaporator when the compressor stops. And it also avoids an excessively high low-pressure when the compressor is started next time so as to prevent compressor liquid hammer.
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     2. When the refrigerator reaches the set value, the temperature controller moves. At the moment, the solenoid valve losses the power. When the low-pressure reaches the set value of the compressor when the machine is switched off, the compressor stops operating. When the temperature of the refrigeration house rises to the set value, the temperature controller moves and the solenoid valve is powered on. When the low-pressure reaches the set value of the compressor, the compressor will be started.
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How to select a right solenoid valve for refrigeration system?

     1. When selecting the solenoid valve applied to the refrigeration system, the size and configurations of the refrigerating equipment pipelines should be taken into consideration. Meanwhile, the solenoid valve diameter whose size is the same to that of the pipeline should be selected.

      2. Selection of the solenoid valve body materials - brass, stainles steel or plastic, should take the pipeline medium nature into consideration. The solenoid valve which is applicable to the medium in the pipeline shall be chosen, and its working voltage should be in line with the power voltage.
     3. The solenoid valve at different working positions should adopt different types. For example, the solenoid valve applied to the refrigerating pipeline should not be applied to water pipelines, for the water will result in scale formation and leave solid impurities. Consequently, the balance hole on the solenoid valve membrane can be easily blocked.
hydraulic safety valve      4. The solenoid valve on the grease separator oil return pipe in the refrigerating unit is found with strong vibrations. Therefore, the anti-shaking solenoid valve should be adopted, which can avoid the influence of the discharge pressure fluctuations on switch-on and switch-off of the solenoid valve.

      5. Since the air suction pipe of the solenoid valve applied to the refrigerating unit can easily form dews, the solenoid valve with the anti-dampness coil and fully sealed can be adopted. If the ambient temperature is lower than 40℃, the heat-insulating solenoid valve can be adopted.

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