Selection of cold storage unit accessories


Selection of expansion valve:

The choice of internal or external balance depends on the pressure drop in the evaporator. For example: For R22 system, when the pressure drop exceeds the corresponding evaporation temperature by 1 ℃. The evaporator inlet pressure is felt under the diaphragm of the internal balanced expansion valve; the evaporator outlet pressure is felt under the diaphragm of the external balanced expansion valve.

Magnetic flap level gauge

Oil separator:

The oil separator is installed on the exhaust pipe of the compressor, and its role is to separate the oil droplets in the gaseous refrigerant and prevent the oil droplets from entering the future system part. There is a floating ball valve in the lower part of the oil separator. After the separated oil deposit reaches a certain amount, the floating ball valve will automatically open, and the oil will flow back to the compressor crankcase under the pressure of high and low pressure. A high-efficiency oil separator can separate more than 90% of the oil droplets in the refrigerant.

Sight glass:

The flow state of the refrigerant liquid and the degree of its water content can be observed from the sight glass. When continuous air bubbles are observed from it, the cooling is not good. When its water content indicating paper is blue, the refrigerant is dry. Tips for Refrigeration Encyclopedia: If it turns off-white, it means that the water content of the refrigerant has risen, and it can still run. If it turns pink, the drying filter should be replaced.

metal mixer

The electromagnetic valve:

A solenoid valve is installed on the liquid supply pipe, which is usually synchronized with the operation of the compressor, which can prevent a large amount of refrigerant liquid from entering the evaporator when the machine is stopped, reducing the possibility of liquid shock when the machine is turned on again.

Crankcase heater:

The crankcase heater can keep the lubricating oil of the refrigerator at a relatively high temperature, reduce the liquid refrigerant content in the oil, and avoid the oil boiling when the compressor starts and the oil shortage caused by the migration of the refrigerant. Normally working units should use the crankcase heater provided. The criterion for the effectiveness of the crankcase heater is that the temperature of the crankcase is at least 10 ° C higher than the saturated return air temperature of the compressor.

regulating valve


1. Power on the crankcase heater 12 hours before the first operation of the unit.

2. The voltage of all crankcase heaters is 220V.

Vapor-liquid separator:

The function of the vapor-liquid separator is to protect the compressor when the refrigerant liquid returns after startup, operation or defrost (heat pump). It provides additional internal volume to the low-pressure side of the system, which can temporarily store the returned liquid refrigerant and return it to the compressor at an allowed, controlled rate. This helps to protect the transfer of refrigerant during downtime. Vapor-liquid separators should not be used in non-azeotropic refrigerant systems.

Magnetic flap level gauge

     For refrigeration systems with large load changes, the selection of aspirated gas-liquid separators with regenerators can more effectively prevent the occurrence of liquid strikes, and the cooling capacity of the system has also increased. Vapor-liquid separators are effective in preventing possible damage from the return of temporary refrigerant liquid.

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