Refrigeration system commissioning experience (9)


What to do if the compressor suction temperature is too high?

1. Cause analysis:

     The suction temperature is too high, the main reason is that the suction is too hot, and the refrigerant in the suction pipe has been absorbing heat and absorbing heat, resulting in a high suction temperature; the reasons are as follows:

     1) The refrigerant is insufficient, and the refrigerant has overheated in the evaporator;

     2) The expansion valve is blocked or the pipeline is blocked, resulting in insufficient refrigerant in the evaporator;

    3) the expansion valve opening is too small;

    4) the suction pipe is too long or the insulation of the suction pipe is not good;

     The reasons are mainly concentrated in two aspects: 1. less refrigerant; 2. problems with the suction pipeline;

safety valve

2. How to solve :

     Analyze the cause from two aspects: 1. Suction line; 2. Refrigerant;

1) do a good job of heat preservation of the suction pipe;

2) Increase the opening of the expansion valve and reduce the degree of superheat of the intake air.

3) Increase the refrigerant charge;

4) Eliminate the reasons such as expansion valve blockage and pipeline blockage;

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