Refrigeration system commissioning experience (8)


What to do if the oil return of the refrigeration system is not good? 

1. Cause analysis:

     1) The oil return filter is dirty and the oil return pipe is dirty, causing oil to come back;

     2) the oil separator is used for too long, and the efficiency decreases;

     3) Exhaust temperature is too high, the efficiency of oil separation decreases;

     4) There is no oil return bend in the suction pipe, which causes the oil to be stored in the evaporator or other air pipe pipes;

     5) The expansion valve opening is too small, the frequency of the inverter compressor is too low, and the refrigerant gas flow rate of the suction pipe is too low to bring the oil back to the compressor;

safety valve

2. How to solve it? 

     1) Clean the oil return filter and oil return pipeline;

     2) Replace the oil separator;

     3) increase the oil return curve of the suction pipe;

     4) Adjust the opening of the expansion valve, reduce the suction temperature, and increase the refrigerant flow;

     5) At the low point of the air pipe line, increase the oil return operation mode, and turn on the oil return mode at intervals.


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