Refrigeration system commissioning experience (7)


What to do if the evaporator frosts badly?

1. Cause analysis:

     The reason for the frosting of the evaporator is that the heat exchange of the evaporator is not good, and the cooling capacity of the refrigerant has not been taken away.

1) Insufficient airflow of evaporation fan, poor heat exchange;

2) The evaporator is too dirty, which affects the heat transfer of the evaporator (water-cooled evaporator scale, air-cooled evaporator fins are too dirty);

3) Too much refrigerant entering the evaporator and insufficient heat exchange; (the expansion valve opening is too large; the refrigerant charge is too much)

4) the working temperature is too low and the humidity is too high;

safety valve

2. How to deal with it? ?

1) Clean the evaporator of the refrigeration system (water-cooled, air-cooled)

2) Check the evaporation fan (chilled water pump) to eliminate the insufficient air volume caused by the failure of the evaporation fan;

3) Increase the air flow of the evaporation fan (refrigerated water circulation)

4) Adjust the opening of the expansion valve; make the refrigerant entering the evaporator normal;

5) let go of the excess refrigerant;

6) Forced defrosting;

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