Refrigeration system commissioning experience (6)


What about the exhaust temperature alarm?

1. Cause analysis:

     1) the suction pressure is too low, the suction and discharge pressure difference is too large (the cylinder compression ratio is large), the expansion of the expansion valve is small, and the adjustment pressure is low;

     2) the suction temperature is too high, that is, the suction is too hot, the suction pipe is too long or the insulation effect is poor;

     3) Insufficient cooling water or high water temperature;

     4) Excessive non-condensable gas (air) in the system;

     5) Condensing pressure is too high, the corresponding condensing temperature is also high, causing the exhaust temperature to rise;

Magnetic flap level gauge

2. How to solve it?

     1) Check whether the suction pipe is too long and whether the suction pipe is insulated, and exclude the factors that cause the overheating of the suction pipe;

     2) Adjust the opening degree of the expansion valve, reduce the suction superheat of the compressor, and reduce the exhaust temperature;

     3) Check whether there is any problem with the condenser (cooling water, condensing fan), and eliminate the factors that cause high condensation temperature and high exhaust temperature due to high condensation pressure;

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