Refrigeration system commissioning experience (5)


What to do if the cooling effect is not good enough to reach the predetermined temperature?

1. Cause analysis:

     1) The expansion valve is opened too large or too small. The expansion valve is too large. The compressor itself has serious frost accumulation, and the excessive liquid volume is too large.

     2) The refrigeration system is blocked, such as blocked filters, blocked expansion valves, related valves not open or fully opened, solenoid valves malfunctioning, etc.

     3) Insufficient refrigerant;

     4) The paper pad on the upper part of the compressor valve plate or the lower part of the cylinder is broken or broken or the suction and exhaust valve discs of the compressor are broken;

safety valve

2. How to deal with it?


1) Adjust the expansion valve to make the compressor reach the best working conditions.

2) Find the blocked location and cause, and clean it in time.

3), according to the actual operating conditions of the compressor to add an appropriate amount of refrigerant.

4) Replace with new paper pad or exhaust valve disc.

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