Refrigeration system commissioning experience (4)


What about compressor thermal protection?

1. Cause analysis:

    1) The amount of air return from the system is insufficient, and the motor is not sufficiently cooled;

    2) the power supply voltage is abnormal, phase loss, motor overload;

    3) high temperature of the motor caused by problems such as high condensation pressure, excessive exhaust temperature, overheating of lubricating oil, etc.

stop valves

2. How to deal with it?

     1) Adjust the intercooling expansion valve to increase the circulation of the system to make the motor fully cool;

a1. Check if the liquid supply pipeline is blocked (liquid supply stop valve, drying filter, solenoid valve, filter in front of expansion valve, etc.).

a.2, check the return air line and the suction filter of the compressor for blockage, and blockage for repair;

a.3. Check whether there is a lack of refrigerant. If the refrigerant is lacking, supplement the refrigerant.

     2) Check whether the three-phase voltage of the power supply is within the standard range and check whether the resistance between the phase sequences is balanced;

     3) Insufficient heat dissipation area of the condenser, fouling, insufficient cooling air volume or water volume, too high cooling water or air temperature, etc. can cause the condensation pressure to be too high.

c.1. The exhaust temperature is greatly affected by the compression ratio. The larger the compression ratio, the higher the exhaust temperature. The suction pressure is determined by the evaporation pressure and the resistance of the suction pipeline. The suction pressure is increased and the compression ratio is quickly reduced. This reduces exhaust temperature.

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