Refrigeration system commissioning experience (3)


What to do if the oil pressure difference alarms?

1. Cause analysis:

     Compressors are complex machines that run at high speeds. Ensuring adequate lubrication of the compressor's crankshaft, bearings, connecting rods, pistons and other moving parts is a basic requirement for maintaining the normal operation of the machine.

     The reasons are as follows:

1) Insufficient freezing oil causes insufficient oil level in the crankcase of the compressor, and the oil pump cannot suck oil;

2) The oil is dirty, causing the oil pump filter to be blocked;

3) oil pressure differential relay failure;

4), the oil pump fails;

5) There is a large amount of Freon in the refrigerated oil, causing the oil pressure to not be established;

6) liquid return --- the danger lies in diluting the lubricating oil;

safety valve

How to deal with:

1) add enough freezer oil to the standard level of the sight glass;

2) Replace the new refrigerator oil, take out the filter from the drain hole for cleaning;

3) replace with a new oil pressure differential relay;

4) Replace the new oil pump;

5) Shutdown, heating the crankcase by the compressor's own electrolytic heat, to ensure the separation of oil and fluorine or to ensure that the frozen oil is higher than normal temperature before the next start;

6) After the diluted lubricating oil reaches the friction surface, the viscosity is low, and a protective oil film of sufficient thickness cannot be formed. Over time, it will cause wear and tear, and adjust the liquid flow of the evaporator;

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