Refrigeration system commissioning experience (2)


What about low-voltage alarm?

1. Cause analysis:

     There are many reasons for the low evaporation temperature. The mechanism that causes the low evaporation temperature is that there is little refrigerant in the evaporator or the evaporator does not heat well, as listed below:

     1) The expansion valve opening is small

     2) Lack of refrigerant in the refrigeration system

     3) capillary or expansion valve is blocked

     4) the filter is blocked

     5) Insufficient air volume of the internal unit

     6) severe frost on the evaporator

     1 to 4 points mainly analyze the lack of refrigerant, 5 to 6 mainly analyze the poor heat transfer of the evaporator;

safety valve

2. How to deal with it? 

     1) Check the low voltage and voltage control to confirm that there is no problem or false alarm in the voltage control;

      2) Check whether there is dirt in the evaporator and block the return air of the evaporator (whether the scale of the water-cooled evaporator affects the heat transfer).

      3) Check the evaporator to see if the frost on the evaporator is serious. If the frost on the evaporator is serious, check whether there is a problem with the evaporator fan (or frozen water), and eliminate the cause of small air volume (small water volume) 

     4) Check whether the expansion valve is dirty or blocked, and eliminate the small evaporation pressure caused by the small expansion valve opening.

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