Refrigeration system commissioning experience (10)


How to judge whether the refrigerant charge is sufficient? 

1) sight glass method:

     Observe the sight glass. If there are no air bubbles in the sight glass, the refrigerant charge is sufficient.

2) Current method:

     Measure the current of the compressor and compare it with the operating current marked on the nameplate. If the current is about the same, the refrigerant charge is enough;

Magnetic flap level gauge

3) pressure gauge method:

     Observe the operating pressure of high and low pressure, estimate the condensing temperature of the compressor according to the environmental working conditions (or water temperature), and compare it with the actual temperature displayed by the pressure gauge, which means that the refrigerant charge may not be sufficient;

4) return air superheat method:

     General refrigeration systems have a return air superheat of 3-8. If the superheat is too large, it means that the refrigerant may not be sufficient. If the superheat is too small, it means that the refrigerant is excessive.

     These refrigeration system experiences are applicable to various refrigeration systems and are summarized by a teacher. I hope they can help you.

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