Refrigeration system commissioning experience (1)


What should I do if I experience a high voltage alarm?

1. Cause analysis:

     1) The flow of cooling water (or air) is too small to take away the condensation heat of the compressor;

     2). The temperature of the cooling water (or air) is too high, the heat exchange is not good, and the condensation heat of the compressor cannot be taken away;

     3) There is air in the system, which increases the condensation pressure; 

     4) The refrigerant charge is too much, and the liquid occupies the effective condensation area; the condensation pressure is increased; 

     5) The condenser is out of repair and the heat transfer surface is dirty Severe (or too much dirt in the air-cooled condenser) can also cause the condensation pressure to rise. The presence of scale also has a greater effect on the condensing pressure.

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Of course there are many other reasons, it is recommended to consider from three aspects

      1.There is more refrigerant in the condenser

      2. There are other magazines in the refrigeration system, occupying the heat exchange area of the condenser

      3. The condenser has a poor condensation effect

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2. How to deal with it? 

     1) Check that there is no problem with high-pressure voltage control and no false alarm;

     2) Touch the condenser of the refrigeration system (air-cooled condenser or water-cooled condenser) with your hands. If the condenser is hot, it means that the heat exchange effect of the condenser is not good. At this time, you can check the cooling water (or condensation fan).

     3) try to let go of some refrigerant

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