Refrigeration equipment in winter


     The cold winter has come. In order to ensure the safety of winter refrigeration equipment, we need to make antifreeze preparations for the refrigeration equipment in advance to ensure the normal use of the refrigeration equipment next year.

Magnetic flap level gauge

     1. When refrigerating equipment is not used in winter, please be sure to drain the water in the pipeline of the machine shell. The involved models include screw refrigeration compressors, modular machines, fan coils, refrigeration equipment units, etc.

     2. When using refrigeration equipment in winter, be sure to add a certain proportion of antifreeze in the refrigeration equipment piping system, or do chain protection of circulating water pumps for refrigeration equipment to prevent freezing and damage to shell tubes and steel pipes, causing unnecessary losses.

shut-off valve

     3. Refrigeration equipment has just been installed in winter: new construction sites that have not been put into use, and those that have not been put into use with water, it is best not to put them into use; Drain the water in the pipeline to prevent the unit from freezing.

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