Proper use and maintenance of cold storage


The correct use and maintenance methods of cold storage are introduced as follows:

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      1. Minimize the number of door openings and closings every day (so that people must close the door when entering or leaving the warehouse)

      2, Two inspections every morning and evening: check whether the operation of the main engine and the internal machine is normal, and check the frost of the internal fan (inform the founder in time to find out how to clean or repair

      3, open liquid products cannot be placed in the cold storage (because liquid products will increase energy consumption), you must use closed containers to put them

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     4. It is not allowed to set the shutdown temperature to exceed the description temperature (for example, the description temperature is -5 degrees, and you forcibly lowered it by -18 degrees). Function) Please use the above operations with the help of professionals!

      5. Refrigerating the goods according to the rules of the domestic refrigerator (don't store all the goods together).

      Cold storage equipment Generally, the cold storage is mostly cooled by a refrigerator. The liquid (ammonia or freon) with a very low vaporization temperature is used as a coolant to make it evaporate under low pressure and mechanically controlled conditions, absorb the heat in the storage, and then reach the cooling The purpose of cooling. The most commonly used is a compact refrigerator, which is mainly composed of a compact, a condenser, and an evaporation tube. According to the method of the evaporation tube equipment, it can be divided into direct cooling and direct cooling. Direct cooling puts the evaporation tube equipment in the refrigerated warehouse. When the liquid coolant passes through the low-pressure evaporation tube, it directly absorbs the heat in the warehouse and cools down. In direct cooling, the air in the warehouse is sucked into the air cooling equipment by a blower. The air is convoluted and changed by the evaporation tubes in the cooling equipment to absorb heat and then sent to the warehouse to cool down. The benefit of the air cooling method is that the cooling is sensitive and the temperature in the warehouse is relatively uniform. Together, it can take out harmful gases such as carbon dioxide that occurred during storage.

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     First, after the cold storage equipment is used or re-used for a long time, the cooling rate should be reasonable: It should be controlled at 8-10 ℃ every day, and it should be maintained for a period of time at 0 ℃.

     Second, the maintenance of the cold storage board, pay attention to the use, Shanghai cold storage should prevent hard objects from bumping and scratching the storage body. Due to the possibility of dents and corrosion of the library board, it will seriously reduce the thermal insulation function of the library.

     Third, the maintenance of the sealed part of the cold storage, because the assembled cold storage is composed of several insulation boards, there is a certain gap between the board, these gaps will be sealed with sealant during construction to prevent air and moisture from entering. Therefore, in use, some parts of the seal failure should be repaired in time.

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    Above ground maintenance of cold storage devices. Generally, the floor of small assembled cold storage uses insulation boards. When using cold storage, it is necessary to prevent a lot of ice and water on the ground.

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