Principles for selecting refrigeration oil


1. Select lubricating oil according to compression type

    The compressor of the refrigerator has three types: piston type, screw type and centrifugal type. The first two types of lubricating oil are in direct contact with the compressed refrigerant. The interaction between the lubricating oil and the refrigerant must be considered. The lubricating oil used in the centrifugal type is only used to lubricate the rotor bearings, and N32 or N46 steam turbine oil can also be selected according to the load and speed.

refrigeration oil

    2. Select lubricating oil according to the type of refrigerant

    Lubricating oils in direct contact with refrigerants should consider the mutual influence between the two. In addition, it should also be noted that a small amount of lubricating oil mixed in the refrigerant will not affect the operation of the refrigeration system. The flocculation point of the refrigerating machine oil is the quality index for checking whether the lubricating oil mixed in the refrigerant precipitates wax crystals and blocks the refrigeration system.

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    3. Select lubricating oil according to the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant

    In general, refrigerators with a low refrigerant evaporation temperature should use refrigerator oil with a low freezing point to prevent the lubricant carried by the refrigerant into the refrigeration system from condensing on the throttle and evaporator, which affects the refrigeration efficiency. For refrigerators using ammonia as the refrigerant, the freezing point of the lubricating oil used should be lower than the evaporation temperature. With Freon as the refrigerant, the freezing point of the lubricating oil can be slightly higher than the evaporation temperature.

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    4. Select lubricating oil according to the working conditions of the freezer

    Large and medium-sized multi-cylinder, high-speed (piston average linear velocity above 3m / s), heavy load refrigerator should use VG46 or VG68 or VG100 refrigerator oil with higher viscosity. VG68 or VG100 refrigerating machine oil for high-load refrigerators with an exhaust temperature of about 145 ° C. VG22 or VG32 refrigerating machine oil can be used for small, micro, or low speed (piston average linear velocity not higher than 2m / s).

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