Maintenance of piston refrigeration compressors (1)


The correct operation of the piston refrigeration compressor is essential to ensure that the compressor does not fail, has good operating performance, and ensures the economic benefits of the plant. To run the compressor well, in addition to the performance of the unit itself (including auxiliary machines and their systems), the matching performance of the process pipe network, and the installation quality, etc., it must also be carefully operated, and various monitoring and inspections must be completed carefully during operation. The obtained data should be carefully analyzed and processed, so as to ensure that the unit is in good operating condition, and problems can be handled in time to ensure the smooth operation of production.

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1. Requirements for compressor operators Requirements for compressor operators are as follows.

① The idea of managing the machine for safe production must be established, and all equipment of the compressor must be carefully considered.

② Familiar with the structure, working principle and performance of compressors, master their safe operation regulations and their auxiliary equipment.

③ Familiar with the operation technology and safety technology, and do the equipment acceptance and preparation and shutdown before driving.

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④ Wuqin should be achieved during operation.

a. Check the indicators (such as oil pressure indications of pressure gauges at all levels), lubrication conditions (such as oil injectors, oil tanks, and lubrication points) and the flow of cooling water.

b. Listen frequently to the sound of the machine running. You can often listen to the sound of the moving parts (valve, piston, crosshead crankshaft bearing, etc.) with the stick to check whether the sound is normal.

c. Touch the temperature changes of various parts (such as suction valves, bearings, motors, cooling water, etc.) and the tightening of parts (but be sure to pay attention to safety, and it is best to stop and check).

d. Inspect the working condition of the entire machine equipment regularly.

e. Adjust the working conditions of the compressor (adjust the air pressure, oil pressure, water temperature, and discharge oil and water regularly to keep the compressor in a normal state).

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⑤ Familiar with the compressor's failure phenomenon, cause and elimination method. If abnormal conditions are found, you should quickly find the cause and take measures to quickly eliminate the failure.

⑥ Fill in the machine operation records carefully and responsibly.

⑦Conscientiously do safe and hygienic work in the computer room, and do a good job of handover; non-workers are not allowed to enter the computer room.

⑧Conscientiously do maintenance work on equipment, raw materials, auxiliary materials, tools, and buildings in the computer room.

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⑨ Strive to improve the reliability of compressor operation and supply of air volume to achieve safe operation.

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