How to choose the right cold storage


     1. According to the customer's cold storage construction site and use time period to determine the type of cold storage body structure.

     ①The civil body of civil cold storage and civil cold storage are foamed on the outer wall and floor of the cold storage and cannot be moved.

     ②Combined cold storage, this kind of cold storage is assembled at the construction site and can be moved. The construction progress is fast and the construction period is short. The use time is short, and it is recommended to use a combined cold storage. Although the civil cold storage has better thermal insulation, it cannot be moved.

safety valve

     2. Determine the length, width, and height of the cold storage according to the type and number of products you need to store, the daily purchase and shipment, and the size of the plant. And according to the convenient location of the refrigerated goods purchase and shipment, determine the opening direction of the storage door and the size of the cold storage door.

shut-off valve

     3. Set the corresponding temperature according to the items stored.

     ①The temperature of general high-temperature cold storage is 0-8 ℃ (fruits, vegetables, tea, red wine, chemical raw materials, etc.);

     ②The temperature of low-temperature cold storage is -10 ℃ ~ -23 ℃ (chicken legs, meatballs, seafood, etc.);

     ③The temperature of low-temperature quick-freezing cold storage is -23 ℃ ~ -30 ℃ (fresh seafood and meat products, etc.);

     ④The temperature of the ultra-low-temperature quick-freezing cold storage is -45 ℃ ~ -60 ℃ (salmon, tuna and other advanced seafood).

Magnetic flap level gauge

     4. According to the characteristics of the site where the cold storage is built and the local water source conditions, the refrigeration method of the refrigerator is selected. Generally, there are air cooling and water cooling. Customers with air-cooled refrigerators need to choose a placement location, and customers with water-cooled refrigerants need to be equipped with pools, circulation pipes, water pumps, and cooling towers.

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