Daily maintenance of cold storage


     1. The use of cold storage should fully utilize the freezing and refrigerating capabilities according to design requirements, ensure safe production and product quality, and maintain the cold storage building structure. A special team should be set up in the warehouse management, and the responsibility should be implemented by people. Every warehouse door, every piece of equipment and tools must be responsible.

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     2. There must be no ice, frost, or water on the walls, floors, doors, ceilings, etc. of the halls and warehouses.

     3. The tube and cooler in the warehouse should be cleaned and flushed in time to improve the cooling efficiency. Frost must be operated in accordance with regulations, and at least one clearing room must be cleared and the frost should be flushed during freezing. There must be no standing water in the water pan of the air cooler and in the warehouse.

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     4. Strict management of cold storage doors is required. When goods are stored in or out of the warehouse, the doors must be closed at any time. If the warehouse doors are damaged, they must be repaired in time to ensure flexible opening, close tightness and prevent cold running. Every door that contacts the outside air should be provided with an air curtain to reduce the convection of hot and cold air.

     5. Prevent freezing and thawing cycles, freezing and freezing of building structures.

     6. When the warehouse is empty, the freezing room and frozen object refrigerating room should be kept below -5 ° C to prevent freeze-thaw cycles. The cold storage room of the cooling material should be kept below the zero temperature to prevent dripping and damp in the store.

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     7. Do not spread the goods directly on the floor or place mats on it for freezing; do not use the method of disassembling meat stacks; decoupling and disassembly are not allowed to fall on the floor, so as not to damage the floor and damage the heat insulation Floor.

     8. For refrigerated refrigerated rooms without floor anti-freezing measures, the storage temperature must not be lower than 0 ℃ to avoid freezing.

     9. The underground natural ventilation channel of the cold storage should be kept free of water, frost, and blockage. The northern area should be blocked in winter and spring.

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     10. Choose a good cold storage management software to make tedious business simple and efficient.

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