Chinese Solar Terms-Xiaohan


      Xiaohan is the 23rd solar term in the 24 solar terms and the 5th solar term in the winter. The fingers of the bucket; the Yellow Sutra of the Sun is 285 °; Xiaohan marks the official beginning of the winter season. Cold air accumulates for a long time and is cold, Xiaohan means the weather is cold but has not reached the extreme. It is the same as the Great Cold, Small Summer, Great Summer and Chushu, which are the solar terms that indicate changes in the temperature. The characteristics of Xiaohan's weather are: it's getting colder and it's not too cold yet. As the saying goes: "Cold in Sanjiu", because the "three nines" in midwinter is also basically in this solar term, there is a saying that "small cold wins big cold".

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      According to China's meteorological data, Xiaohan is the solar term with the lowest temperature, and only a few years of Xiaohan's temperature is lower than Osamu's. In the cold season, most of our country has entered the severe cold period. The soil is frozen and the rivers are frozen. In addition, the cold air in the north keeps going south. The weather is cold. In the south of China, although there is no severe cold north, the temperature has also dropped significantly. The coldest time in the south is the period between light cold and rain and shock. It was dry and cold during the light cold and wet and cold after the rain.

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      In life, in addition to paying attention to daily warmth, the taste of entering the cold winter is getting stronger. People are busy writing spring couplets, cutting window flowers, and buying new year pictures, lanterns, firecrackers, incense, etc., and preparing for the Spring Festival one after another. On the diet, mutton hotpot, fried chestnuts with sugar, and roasted sweet potatoes have become Xiaohan's fashion. As the saying goes, "three nines and one winter, there will be no pain in the coming year", that is, the practice of mutton in winter to nourish the body. In ancient times, the Rugao people attached great importance to Xiaohan, but with the change of time, they have gradually faded, and people can only find a little trace from life.

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      Residents' daily diet also focuses on warm foods, such as mutton and dog meat. Among them, mutton soup is the most common. Some restaurants also launch angelica ginger mutton soup. Some traditional winter mutton dishes are reproduced on the table and reproduced as cold winter food.

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      As the saying goes, "Xiaohan Dahan, cold into ice mass". This solar term young man is careful not to grow acne because of eating fat and thick, spicy products

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