Chinese LICHUN solar terms in 2020


     On February 4, 2020, the first solar term of the year-Lichun.

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     The beginning of spring, one of the twenty-four solar terms, is also known as the Spring Festival, the first month, the Lunar New Year, the Lunar New Year and so on. Li stands for "beginning"; spring stands for warmth and growth. The beginning of spring means that a new cycle has begun, which is the beginning of all things and the meaning of all regeneration.

     The beginning of spring, like the beginning of summer, the beginning of autumn, and the beginning of winter, reflect the change of the four seasons. The beginning of spring means that the winter in which everything is closed has passed, and it has begun to enter the spring and the sun is warm and everything grows. Due to the vast size of our country and the wide variation in climate across regions, the specific climatic significance of "establishment" does not apply to all parts of the country.

     The so-called "one-year plan lies in spring". Since ancient times, Lichun has been highly valued in China, and it is important to "greet the spring."

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     According to legend, in order to take advantage of the ancient times, when the early spring was approaching, the magistrate would bring a well-known local gentleman to dig a pit in the ground, and then put feathers, feathers and other lighter things in the pit.

     When a certain time, feathers and feathers in the pit will float from the pit, this time is the beginning of spring. People will set off firecrackers to celebrate, hoping that the year will be smooth and the grain will be abundant.

     In addition to sending spring cow pictures and whipping spring cows, there are many celebrations in the folk.

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     Ordinary people will hold a "Spring Tour" event: in the procession, a primula dressed as a rooster walks in front, and then a group of people carry a huge image of a spring cow. Some of the people behind are dressed as shepherds and some are dressed as big heads. There are a variety of auspicious images for the doll to send Chuntao.

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     In terms of diet, folks have the custom of "bite spring" in the beginning of spring. Due to regional differences, the specific food may be slightly different. As far as Beijing is concerned, every family has to do it. This also represents a wonderful expectation for spring.

     In the face of the epidemic, the friends of Shandong Ruihua Refrigeration are cheering with the people of the country, and let us welcome the spring full of hope!

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